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Mike Schmidt: VP Business Development Lead

Mike Schmidt is the dynamic Vice President of Business Development at Biologic Pharmamedical, known for his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in technology and sales. His journey with Biologic Pharmamedical is marked by driving growth in the supplement industry, particularly in white label brand services.

Mike Schmidt, BA, Sc.
Mike Schmidt, BA, Sc.

Prior to his current role, Mike was the President of Urban Communications, an asset-based Fibre Optics company, where he showcased his ability to lead in the tech sector. His tenure as VP of Business Development for Teliphone Navigata Westel was instrumental, overseeing M&A activities and contributing to the company's rapid growth.

Earlier, as CEO of Uniserve Communications, a national Canadian ISP, Mike displayed his acumen in delivering comprehensive data and voice solutions. His foundational experience in sales and technology was solidified at Parasun Technologies, where as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he played a key role in establishing the company as a leader in Internet delivery.

With a Bachelor's degree in Business or Marketing, Mike's career trajectory is characterized by a fusion of visionary leadership, strategic business development, and a deep understanding of the technology sector. His ability to navigate complex markets and his dedication to innovation have been instrumental in driving Biologic Pharmamedical towards new heights in the evolving supplement industry.

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