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Meet Our New Team Member: Dr. Deepti Mittal Arora

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Deepti Mittal Arora to the Biologic Pharmamedical Research team in Vancouver, Canada. Holding a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Dr. Arora brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in biomedical research. Her expertise is particularly strong in molecular biology techniques, data analysis, and the development of innovative projects aimed at understanding drug activity and advancing nutraceutical research.

Dr. Deepti Arora, Researcher Biologic Pharmamedical
Dr. Deepti Arora, Researcher

Prior to joining us, Dr. Arora served as a Scientific Editor at the Patanjali Research Institute in India, where she developed research content and managed collaborative projects. Her previous role as a Research Associate involved investigating the mechanisms of action of novel products targeting skin and neuro aging. These roles have equipped her with deep insights into experimental design, data management, and laboratory operations.

Dr. Arora's academic achievements include groundbreaking research during her Ph.D. at ICAR-NDRI, India, where she explored the interaction of nanoparticles with cellular systems using next-generation sequencing. This research elucidated critical pathways involved in apoptosis, DNA repair, and ubiquitination. Additionally, her recent coursework in Data Science at the University of British Columbia has enhanced her skills in handling complex datasets and performing sophisticated statistical analyses.

An accomplished author, Dr. Arora has published numerous papers on the impacts of nanoparticles and cellular dynamics. Her experience also includes contributing to the life sciences community as a member of HirePhD in Vancouver, where she organized and led academic and industry information events.

At Biologic Pharmamedical Research, Dr. Arora is excited to leverage her expertise in molecular biology and her strong project management and teamwork skills to contribute to our mission of advancing research that significantly impacts human health. We look forward to the innovative contributions she will bring to our team.

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