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Ketone Powerhouse: Understanding Thermobutyrate™'s Impact on Health and Fitness

Updated: May 26

Rewriting the value of Ketones to Metabolic Health and Fat loss

Franco Cavaleri delves into the transformative potential of Thermobutyrate™ in the realm of ketogenesis.

Accelerating Brown Adipose Fat Activation

Franco shares groundbreaking findings on the accelerated activity of brown adipose fat (BAT) with Thermobutyrate™. Within 24 to 48 hours, there's a noticeable increase in incremental cell development and the uncoupling protein (UCP), a key factor in improving fat burning.

Override and Ignite: Ketone Effects Reversed

Thermobutyrate™, designed to override the effects of ketones that typically shut down ketogenesis and thermogenesis, showcases remarkable results. The compound's upstream activity mirrors that of the ketogenic diet, making it a powerful tool for sustained fat loss.

Energizing Mitochondria: The Powerhouses Awaken

Franco unveils how Thermobutyrate™ enhances mitochondrial biogenesis and activity, symbolized by increased ATP5A levels. This signifies that the cell's powerhouses are producing more energy, a crucial aspect of metabolic health.

Activating the Fat-Burning Enzyme: Hormone Sensitive Lipase

Franco explains the activation of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) by Thermobutyrate™. HSL is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat, a key step in the fat-burning process initiated by this revolutionary compound.

Revitalizing the Cell: mTOR and Sirtuin Proteins

The discussion expands to include mTOR, an enzyme in skeletal muscle cells that signals regeneration and rebuilding. Thermobutyrate™ not only activates mTOR but also triggers sirtuin proteins, initiating a cascade of cellular activities promoting recovery and regeneration.

"Thermobutyrate™ not only activates mTOR but also initiates a cascade of cellular activities through sirtuin proteins, promoting recovery and regeneration."

Franco Cavaleri's revelations on Thermobutyrate™ redefine the potential of ketones in metabolic health and fat loss

To explore the intricacies of this groundbreaking discovery, watch the full video on Franco Cavaleri's YouTube channel and explore additional resources at

Consider delving into Franco's books available at Witness the dawn of a new era in metabolic science and embrace the future of transformative health.

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