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Future-Proofing Health: A Metabolic Vision

Updated: 3 days ago

Future-Proofing Health: A Metabolic Vision

A groundbreaking news on Biologic lab's focus for the year—metabolic health. the specifics, emphasizing support for insulin function, blood sugar clearance, and lipid management.

Making Fat a Primary Energy Source

Franco unveils the key goal: shifting the body's reliance on fat as the primary energy substrate. This strategic move aims to empower individuals in managing the delicate balance between calories in and calories out.

Revolutionizing Caloric Management

The discussion turns to the jackpot—results from a cutting-edge technology. This innovation not only enhances the body's utilization of fat but also amplifies ketone production, a critical factor in supporting brain function.

"We just hit the Jackpot on some amazing results on a technology that not only enhances the body's capacity to make fat a primary energy substrate but improves the body's ability to generate ketones."

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