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Fuel Your Workout Growth with Franco Cavaleri's Protein Bracketing Wisdom

Fuel Your Workout Growth with Franco Cavaleri's Protein Bracketing Wisdom

Want to support bigger mass and enhance your workout?

Franco Cavaleri shares his protein bracketing strategy, a key to optimizing workouts and supporting muscle growth.

Pre-Workout Fuel: The First Bracket

Franco starts by outlining his pre-workout routine, using whey protein isolate or concentrate in water to maintain a low glycemic index. With just half a scoop (15 to 20 grams of protein), this primes the body for the workout ahead.

Intra-Workout Boost: Sustaining Energy Levels

During the workout, Franco maintains his energy levels with the same whey protein, ensuring a continuous supply of nutrients. This sustains the body through the physical exertion, promoting endurance and optimal performance.

Post-Workout Recovery: The Final Bracket

The post-workout bracket is crucial, especially for those aiming for bigger mass. Franco recommends 45 to 55 grams of high-quality protein to support muscle recovery. For those specifically targeting larger mass, adjustments include 30 to 40 grams before and 60 to 65 grams after the workout.

"Strategic protein bracketing is like fine-tuning your body's engine for optimal performance and growth."

Franco Cavaleri's protein bracketing approach provides a roadmap for those seeking bigger mass and improved workouts.

To delve deeper into this strategy, watch the full video on YouTube, and explore additional resources at

Unlock further insights from Franco's books, available at, for a comprehensive guide to achieving your fitness and muscle growth goals.

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