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From Fitness to Pharma: Franco Cavaleri Bridges the Gap in Health Innovation

“Today we take my discoveries, some of which are published in medical journals, and we research deeper into the genome and proteome,” Cavaleri says. “We now use my deeper knowledge in experimental medicine from my doctorate work in experimental medicine and with an Indian government university in cancer pharmacology to take things again to the next level of understanding for humanity.”

Franco’s passion for both athletic and academic performance and the need for recovery and health maintenance from autoimmune disease established a potent impetus for him to study, research, and discover breakthroughs in medicine and nutrition.

“All this set the stage for personal recovery outside the scope of conventional medicine,” Cavaleri explains. “My personal success in sports came from using technologies and nutraceuticals others didn’t have. As soon as I was able, I began offering these technologies to the marketplace to help people achieve their own personal optimal health and performance goals at whatever age they wanted to start.”

When Cavaleri began looking to establish a company making nutraceutical supplements in 1989, people scoffed and told him that business type was not lucrative. Times were different then, and these technologies were not as widely accepted and dispersed. They also said bodybuilding was a waste of time with good intentions; people who cared about his chosen direction didn’t understand his unique vision.

“That fueled a hunkering down by me to become strategic for my performance success in bodybuilding but also to change how we sell health products,” Franco says. “By changing how these are researched and marketed, by re-engineering technologies to be pointed pharmacologically as opposed to loose standardization, I was able to succeed personally in sport and business. I used my own background and experiences to convey the functionality of the products into commercialized products for others to experience.”

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