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Franco's Heavy and Light Day Training Approach

Franco's Heavy and Light Day Training Approach

In a gym session revelation, Franco Cavaleri unveils the tried-and-true strategy he and Matteo swear by – the heavy and light day training method. These principles, rooted in functionality, showcase how every body part can be efficiently trained twice a week.

The Basics: Heavy Day vs. Light Day

Franco breaks down the simplicity of their approach, emphasizing a heavy day and a light day for each body part weekly, occasionally pushing for a third session. On heavy days, the focus is on a weight allowing 5 to 7 reps, pushing the limits with a spotter. Light days follow, choosing weights for approximately 9 to 12 reps, ensuring a more controlled and less intense workout.

Example in Action: Chest and Shoulders

Franco illustrates the strategy with an example – if the chest is the focus on Monday with heavy weights, shoulders take the spotlight on the light day. The reverse happens later in the week, ensuring a balanced approach to training. This alternating heavy and light principle extends to other muscle groups, creating a well-rounded routine.

Veteran Wisdom: Thoughts from the IFB Pro Stages

Reflecting on his competition days, Franco shares insights from advanced IFB pro athletes who embraced this method. Acknowledging the high-risk nature of heavy lifting, especially for those working towards an endgame, he encourages a cautious approach and highlights the effectiveness of the heavy and light day strategy.

"For you young guys training towards an endgame, remember, I squatted over 700 pounds and benched over 500. It's high risk. This strategy is about balance and efficiency."

For a comprehensive understanding and more training insights, watch the full video on YouTube, and delve deeper into fitness wisdom at

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