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Exploring Healthier Alternatives to Ozempic with Franco Cavaleri

Updated: May 26

Exploring Healthier Alternatives to Ozempic with Franco Cavaleri

Revolutionizing Drug Research Models

Franco Cavaleri unveils a groundbreaking research model, mirroring pharmaceutical industry standards. This model aims to validate natural medicines in their isolated form, paving the way for precise pharmacology.

Understanding Ozempic: A Synthetic GLP1 Analogue

Cavaleri delves into the popularity of Ozempic (semaglutide), a synthetic GLP1 analogue. Highlighting FDA-mandated cautionary statements due to side effects, he emphasizes the drug's association with emaciation, sarcopenia, and blockages in the intestinal tract.

Natural Compounds vs. Synthetic Drugs

In contrast to synthetic chemical approaches, Cavaleri introduces a different paradigm at Biologic. The focus is on using natural compounds modified to fit the GLP1 mechanism, inducing the body's own production of natural GLP1.

A New Approach: GLP1 Induction without Side Effects

Biologic's research unveils natural GLP1 inducers, providing an alternative to synthetic drugs. Approve Medical Solutions introduces products into the pharmaceutical industry, addressing the deficit in semaglutide availability and offering a safer option.

"They are not to be used as substances that replace lifestyle changes when they're needed."

Franco Cavaleri's research at Biologic Pharmamedical points toward a future where natural induction of GLP1 replaces synthetic drugs.

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