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Designing A Supplement Program For The Human Race of A Lifetime

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Original post: September 12, 2010

Personalized Supplement Program

Designing A Supplement Program For The Human Race of A Lifetime

Although it’s easy to surrender to the common belief that disease is an age-related inevitability more of us are taking our health into our own hands employing the powerfully protective natural strategies that have been available to us for thousands of years. Supplementation has been used in various forms for millennia. As far back as the Roman Empire whey protein was a highly prized elixir collected for the society to consume. Today it’s revered as one of the more remarkable nutritive supports for all walks of life. Eastern cultures have applied nature’s medicinals for therapy and prevention for thousands of years, as have our aboriginal people. Technology has given rise to the development of specialized forms of supplementation. The isolation of active constituents from many of these old world remedies has in some cases created more potent, function specific applications. The practice of natural medicine and supplementation has survived over many millennia.

Prevailing through trial and error and ongoing scrutiny this survival is indicative of the value natural medicinals and supplements offer. The scientific facts also confirm the health benefits of many natural remedies and supplements; the results are broad and powerful and in many cases much more efficacious than our synthetically produced pharmaceuticals. Today, the new windows into how our genes-interact with certain nutrients including vitamins, minerals and phytoantioxidants has allowed us to hone these natural therapies and make them as powerful as drug but without the same side-effects. Nutrigenomics is the new evolution of nutritional science and will change how this viable science is viewed forevermore. The potential for health lies deep within us all? I assure you, you carry the miracle, but the first step towards employing it is in knowing it is there. The second step towards effective activation is in insuring an unlimited supply of nutrients that it was designed to operate with.

Human life evolved based on the existence of a meticulously crafted array of biochemicals. In a blink we have changed these complimentary proportions of nourishment through mass production methods to meet ever growing demands. In addition, our arrogant practices have altered this complement so it does not quite fit the meticulous human design any more. Even our pre-processed whole food supply is not what it used to be. Furthermore, the typical North American diet is severely processed, advancing the limitation of these essential nutrients in the subpar whole food. Concurrently the high stress, fast paced North American lifestyle is contributory to free radical proliferation and toxic assault on the body. Without supplementation the increased demand for antioxidants and immune system fuels to energize the extra-ordinary preventive and self-healing activity cannot be met.

Supplementation of our food supply is conditionally essential. The state of our food supply in addition to the environmental impositions sets the condition to make supplementation essential. Supplementation insures that the nutrients required to fit the evolutionary design are adequately supplied so the miracle of prevention and self-healing can support your gift of life. How do you get started? Supplementation is a science. Vitamins and minerals are essential cofactors activating enzymes required for the metabolism of other nutrients. Some of these essentials are also involved in managing genetic activity. Some antioxidants also have gene-specific activity protecting certain genes from the detrimental effects of uncontrolled oxidation. Jumping to an incomplete antioxidant program, for example, can be a futile and even a counterproductive attempt to instil health. The following list of suggestions will prioritize your choices for supplementation to help set up a functional program.


The first important step is in making the majority of the diet whole and fresh to avoid as much of the nutrient-damaged food as possible. These dietary choices are detailed in POTENTIAL WITHIN, A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment.


Raise the nutrient density of this healthy nourishment by including a multivitamin/mineral complex. Most of us likely already do so, however, too many multi formulations are so pitifully meagre when it comes to the ingredient dosages because most of the cost has been applied to the marketing department leaving little room for efficacious product development. Make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of B vitamins (minimum 20 mg with 20 mcg of B12). The antioxidant component of the program can be enhanced by individually supplying larger doses of the main antioxidants or by using an antioxidant booster formula as recommended next.


The next step is to boost the antioxidant potential of the STAGE I foundation. You’ll find many to choose from in the industry. They are usually formulated with the main antioxidants vitamins A, C & E, selenium and some antioxidant herbs such as grapeseed extract. One could find these already combined or buy them individually to support the multivitamin foundation. If you are vulnerable to specific conditions, including autoimmune conditions, highly specialized phytoantioxidants that have been engineered to penetrate to the genes involved in the specific condition, can be applied to help mitigate the disease or symptoms of the ailment. These are discussed in detail in YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. See web presentation for this information.


The next addition could be a greens formulation to supply minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients in a concentrated blend of natural sources. This nutrient dense green food supplies natural cofactors to facilitate the absorption of the vitamins and minerals and phytoantioxidant supplementation from STAGES II. Additionally they help buffer the acid-alkaline conditions of the body to maintain a functional biological environment.


Fats! The right fats. The next level of supplementation is a source of essential and conditionally essential omega-3 fats for cell membrane and general metabolic health. Flaxseed oil is a good choice but it should be supported with a source of pre-formed omega-3’s, DHA and EPA. To simplify just find a good salmon oil (or other cold water fish oil like tuna or mackerel) and flaxseed oil blend. The flaxseed oil must be a Cold Pressed Organic source in order to insure the integrity of these highly active fats. Additionally, the salmon or other fish oil must be of the type that is Molecular Distilled to limit the inclusion of heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins that can infiltrate this medium. Now if you want to go high end and cutting edge on the oil, try krill oil. Krill oil is powerful therapy for skin conditions, arthritis, depression, and cardiovascular health but it’s effective for disease prevention. Krill oil supplies its benefits in phosphatide form which enters the body faster and more efficiently than the triglyceride form of the Salmon Oil. Use them as

recommended on the label.


Protein. Protein supplementation is synonymous with muscle building but research is demonstrating that the right protein source can deliver powerful antioxidant activity, insulin support, and immune enhancement. Whey protein, in particular, is extensively studied for its potential to support health in all of these ways. One serving each day of a cold-cross flow, properly manufactured whey protein is phenomenal disease prevention. Prevention is the most powerful cure for disease. Preparing the body with potent antioxidant saturation provides primary defence against disease and the tools for recovery if disease takes hold. Take action now to extract your potential to live life to the fullest.


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