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Build Better Bone Density in 12 Months

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

BONE Health

Original post: December 8, 2010

Build Better Bone Density in 12 Months

The latest bone calcium research is showing that bone loss is not inevitable with age. It’s simply due to negative lifestyle influences coupled to poor dietary calcium intake. Change the influence and change the bone health. It’s that easy!

Despite the calcium load that North American’s are receiving through supplementation and fortified foods, osteoporosis is still on the rise and it’s because calcium on its own just doesn’t cut it. A breakthrough understanding of the egg is changing our views on osteoporosis in North America. The egg is helping us override negative lifestyle influences that interfere with calcium absorption and bone mineralization to successfully escort this calcium to build better bones. Yes the good old egg is more than a food source.

Build Better Bone Density in 12 Months

Eggshell is a highly concentrated source of calcium that also provides relevant levels of other trace minerals necessary for bone health including magnesium, zinc, and copper. Research has shown that strontium enhances bone mineralization by activating osteoblasts (bone building worker cells) and inhibiting bone resorption (destruction) by osteoclasts. And the natural eggshell supplies this strontium management factor with its payload of bone minerals.

Eggshell calcium’s superior bioavailability is additionally supported by naturally occurring transporter proteins inherent in the whole eggshell matrix. These proteins are not available in other calcium sources. Studies demonstrated a nearly 20% increase in calcium bioavailability attributed to the unique proteins found in eggshell.

Membrell’s BONEhealth™ features ESC (100% Natural EggShell Calcium); a clean calcium source that comes with a naturally built in activation system – An all-in-one bone health program.

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