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Biologic Welcomes Project Manager, Dr. Sandhra Babychan To The Team

Meet Sandhra Babychan, an invaluable asset as the Project Manager & Quality Control Specialist at Biologic Pharmamedical. With a Doctor of Pharmacy profile, encompassing a profound understanding of Pharmacology, Patient Care and Medication Management from the Kerala University of Health Science and pursuing Certification in Clinical Informatics from the University of British Columbia, Sandhra brings a unique blend of expertise to her role.

Dr. Sandhra Babychan
Dr. Sandhra Babychan

Within the Biologic Pharmamedical team, Sandhra thrives as a proactive Project Manager, enhancing organizational communication, refining systems, and elevating quality control measures. Her professional journey has been a testament to her positive personality, commitment, marked by a diverse array of experiences in the healthcare landscape. Her stint as a Drug Safety Associate includes meeting productivity and quality standards, contributing to project improvement, and streamlining data collection processes as a Clinical Pharmacy Intern. Sandhra is committed to pharmacovigilance compliance, executing clinical research protocols, utilizing advanced analytics fordata interpretation, mastering bioconjugation techniques, and supervising clinical safety data systems.

With a strong foundation in pharmacy operations, clinical research, and safety, she brings a wealth ofexpertise to her role. Moreover, Sandhra's journey delves into the realm of Clinical Research and Clinical Informatics, a testament to her unwavering dedication to leveraging my skill set for the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge and healthcare innovation. Her holistic approach to her role is a reflection of Biologic Pharmamedical's commitment to rewriting the norms of wellness. Beyond her professional stride, Sandhra finds joy in traveling, dancing and photography that adds a vibrant touch to her personality. Also, from the art of home organization to the creative flair of interior designing, her penchant for balance and aesthetics is evident. Her engaging social media presence, highlights new locations and events, resonates with our company’s ethos of embracing life’s diverse experiences.

In Sandhra, the Project Manager & Quality Control Specialist role flourishes with a multifaceted talent, a profound dedication to advancing healthcare realms, and a harmonious spirit that resonates with the very essence of Biologic Pharmamedical's vision.

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