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BIOLOGIC Research & Manufacturing: Researching, Reengineering, Reinventing, Repositioning.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023




  • REPOSITIONING YOU AS A BRAND LEADER Welcome to Biologic Pharmamedical Research & Manufacturing, where we specialize in helping leading supplement brands create unique and high-end nutraceutical products that are differentiated and protected by patents and published research that leverages our scientific expertise and custom manufacturing services from the R&D stage to marketing.

BIOLOGIC Research & Manufacturing:  Researching, Reengineering, Reinventing, Repositioning.

Franco Cavaleri, is a Biomedical Researcher in Experimental Medicine & Disease Pathology; Best Selling Author and Former IFBB Mr. North America.

Cavaleri and his team use scientific principles to standardize common categories, generating peer-reviewed research papers that can be leveraged for marketing and the creation of innovative and proven nutraceutical products for discerning, health-conscious consumers. This approach allows us to reinvent supplement categories, delivering new levels of efficacy and distinguishing our clients as unique brands in the market.

We offer custom formulation and manufacturing services for finished natural products, helping our clients gain a competitive edge in a busy market. Our patented, researched ingredients are differentiated through peer-reviewed scientific papers and articles, allowing our clients to stand out in their respective categories.

At Biologic Pharmamedical Research & Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our ability to discover novel remedies from age-old natural ingredients, reimagining them into efficacious ingredients that customers can feel working immediately. This is key: results experienced within minutes! We're passionate about researching life-changing solutions, reengineering the power of nature, and reinventing our clients' health categories.

Let us help you position yourself as a product leader in the supplement industry. Contact us today to learn more about our custom manufacturing services and how we can help take your products to the next level to deliver proven and optimal results. Visit us at the White Label Expo in Vegas May 3-4, 2023 to try and consider some of our patented nutraceuticals in your next leading-edge supplement brand.

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