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Franco speaks to:
The TRUTH behind "creative writing" in the Vancouver Sun. 
Can we just get back to serving humanity? 
I will not waiver!

Originally Posted on: 12-19-2015

Category: Featured

I wish to clarify some misconceptions presented in the Vancouver Sun Article that insinuates that I present myself as a doctor. I have never claimed to be a faculty member at UBC or portrayed myself as a fully-fledged doctor. However, I am actively involved in research at the Brain Research Center/Center for Brain Health at the UBC Hospital, as I work towards completing my doctorate degree. I've recently started using the designation ‘PhDc’ after meeting the necessary criteria.

Three decades ago, I earned a BSc with a major in Human Nutrition from UBC. Since then, I've delved deep into various roles in the nutraceutical industry, including research and development programs. As a seasoned nutraceutical researcher and a former Mr. IFBB North America, I've lectured globally, emphasizing my work. My vast experience has provided me with unparalleled knowledge in studying nutrition at a biochemical level, which I've applied rigorously to achieve superior results in sports nutrition.

Over time, I extended my research to study inflammatory cascades and their countermeasures in aging, performance, and disease contexts. I founded companies primarily to fund my research. Seminars I've conducted over recent years on subclinical inflammation have left a significant impression on me, prompting me to delve deeper into the topic. These sessions were grounded in my previous research and books, especially 'Potential Within, A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment', which is backed by 600 studies. I've traveled globally to share this knowledge with both medical professionals and the general public.

The title ‘prof’ started being associated with me long before I joined UBC for post-graduate studies. It was initially used to depict my role as an expert in the industry. This branding of my persona, along with my products and books, dates back to when I won the Mr. IFBB North American title in 1992-1993. The essence of my message has always been that individuals can exert significant control over their health and success if they commit wholeheartedly.

Over twenty-five years ago, I ventured into the natural health industry. Even before joining UBC for postgraduate studies in 2012, I never misrepresented myself as a faculty member or doctor. However, I frequently mentioned my ongoing journey towards a doctorate and my research at the UBC's Center for Brain Health. After almost four years, I've started using the PhDc title since I met the criteria for being a PhD candidate.

Unfortunately, in some platforms beyond my control, the title ‘Dr’ has appeared alongside my name. Direct marketing groups, multi-level distributors and vendors, in their excitement about my speaking engagements globally, research and products can sometimes misrepresent my credentials, especially when enthusiastic distributors take creative liberties. Despite my efforts, some of these misrepresentations have slipped through, especially overseas.


A major turning point in my life was my diagnosis with Severe Ulcerative Colitis in 1992. Despite the challenges, I persevered and even amazed medical professionals with my achievements at that time. My current research is a testament to my determination to unravel the potential benefits of natural medicine, particularly as it pertains to my personal experiences.

For those familiar with my work, they know that I have never tried to misrepresent myself. My website (, Facebook page, and LinkedIn account have always accurately depicted my academic status. Recently, I discovered that my website had been compromised, an incident that is now under investigation.

Launched between 1999 and 2000, my website now is a reflection of my 30-year experience in the nutraceutical industry. Throughout these years, as I achieved milestones and set new goals, I've updated the website accordingly. It showcases my expertise in areas ranging from business development, therapeutic research, regulatory affairs, and lecturing.

I've been instrumental in building and selling two nutraceutical health businesses since entering the industry in 1992 and have aided in the establishment of corporate divisions for other entities. Over three decades, this website has seen numerous updates, reflecting the many articles I've written, books published, and research undertaken. This journey has been propelled by my quest to understand a substance that, in my belief, has been instrumental in my battle against a persistent disease. I financed and conducted my research through my companies over a decade. However, this 'Biologic' website, primarily an informational and biographical platform, has sometimes lagged behind my other endeavours, leading to occasional outdated content.

The individual who wrongly claimed that I was not a PhD student at UBC is a former lecturer at the institution. His motives in reaching out to a reporter, who had previously been critical of UBC, were strategic and possibly personal. To add context, this complainant, the CSO of a nutraceutical company, initiated his campaign two weeks after a public announcement of a collaboration between my company and me. However, I genuinely hope his company makes breakthroughs in natural medicinal technologies – a goal that we all should collectively strive for in the healthcare sector, without animosity.

The resulting Vancouver Sun article by an under-informed journalist paints an incomplete and misleading picture, overshadowing a crucial period of my academic and professional life. I'm currently investigating the potential therapeutic properties of a nutraceutical compound that may have aided in my health journey. Importantly, my research has connections to organizations I'm associated with – a fact I openly declare.

The challenges I've faced have only fueled my drive to contribute to medical and nutraceutical healthcare. The potential therapeutic model we're working on could prove beneficial in the years ahead, and I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to lead this initiative. Collaborating with dedicated medical professionals in the experimental medicine program has been both a privilege and an inspiration.

My family's unwavering support has been my anchor throughout. My vision is rooted in the belief that we all have unique gifts to offer humanity. As we strive to realize our potential, it's unfortunate but expected that some might criticize or oppose us out of their insecurities or inability to make significant contributions. Still, our duty is to persevere, recognizing the larger purpose of our endeavours.

I am and will always remain committed to my mission, which I genuinely believe can make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

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