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The Science Behind Exercise and Natural Restoration

The Power of Exercise: A Lifelong Commitment

Biomedical Researcher Franco Cavaleri, Lead Researcher at Biologic Pharmamedical, emphasizes the transformative impact of exercise on overall well-being. Having embraced a regular workout routine since the age of 14, Cavaleri underscores the profound benefits that exercise bestows on metabolism, insulin function, cognition, and neural synaptivity.

Myokines: The Body's Natural Restorers

Cavaleri sheds light on myokines, compounds secreted by skeletal muscles during exercise, setting off a cascade of restorative activity. These myokines activate restorative systems, enhancing insulin function, and blood glucose management, and fortifying the brain's defenses against toxins and strain.

Activating Natural Systems: Mimicking the Body's Genius

At Biologic, the focus is on understanding and harnessing the natural systems activated by exercise. Cavaleri emphasizes the significance of using natural compounds to activate proteins like SIRTUIN, heat shock proteins, and cold shock proteins—key players in the body's restoration process.

"There is no medication that can replace what the body can do naturally when you give it the equipment and the prompts to do so"

Cavaleri encourages incorporating synergistic compounds into the routine, such as Thermobutyrate, Thermogallate, and patented ashwagandha. These compounds are designed to target the same proteins and systems that exercise naturally activates, compounding the restorative effects.

Franco Cavaleri's approach advocates for embracing the body's natural capacity for restoration through exercise. To delve deeper into this insightful discussion, watch the full video on YouTube.

For a comprehensive understanding and access to synergistic compounds, visit, and explore Franco Cavaleri's books at

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