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Curcumin BDM30 and BDM50 and how they deliver the highest ORAC value we have ever studied!

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Curcumin III shoots the ORAC value of Curcumin BDM30™ through the roof. Part 1 of 2

Original post: December 11, 2017

Curcumin III (Bisdemeoxycurcumin –BDM) delivers an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value that outperforms any compound we’ve studied in the past. It is in the order of 6,245,000 UNITS. As a comparable example, to gain perspective, regular curcumin exhibits an ORAC value of only 9,500 UNITS when measured in precisely the same manner. This activity plays a huge role in stability preservation of the curcumin pharmacology and more; including the newly discovered additive anti-inflammatory pharmacology curcumin III delivers.

Table showing the ORAC value for various curcumin-related supplements and other foods and supplements known to be antioxidant-rich.

Nevertheless, this extra-ordinary exogenous (outside – in) antioxidant activity is coupled by a profound signalling activity by this isolated curcuminoid that we show in our research (and confirmed in literature) at Biologic Pharmamedical Research ( ‘turns on’ genes and related subcellular systems that increase production of endogenous (inside-out) antioxidants designed to protect our cells all the way down to the DNA.

Conflict of Interest Statement. The author/researcher is the owner of a biomedical research group – Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp and Biologic Pharmamedical Research, that funds and executes research on the pharmacology of nutritional and nutraceutical agents that are studied in the context of disease pathology including characteristics that have been associated with inflammation and dementias. The research on these findings continues at clinical levels to further investigate the full indication-specific potential of this discovery. The author/researcher is also the owner of related Intellectual Properties. author copyright Franco Cavaleri PhDc

Franco Cavaleri, BSc, PhDc, is The Rhema Group’s Chief Science Officer. He is also the principal research scientist at Biologic Pharmamedical; is a former Mr. IFBB North America; and is completing a doctoral degree in Experimental Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine.

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